Why liquidate your Company?

Liquidation is the right choice if your company:

Is small (Voluntary Administration is too expensive to save a small company)

Has run out of cash to pay creditors and the ATO

Is trading at a loss, can’t recover from past losses or has ceased to trade

Has no assets, or a small amount of assets


It’s also a good option for a director personally because a liquidation:

  • May prevent you from becoming personally liable for the company’s tax debt
  • Brings to a close the stress and worry of trying to save the business
  • Stops creditors hassling you
  • Gives you the opportunity to move on with life

Why Choose Us?

Expert advice from experienced liquidators

At Dissolve, we focus on a fast, easy and cheap company liquidation service. We are able to provide our services at a fee often much lower than other service providers.

As liquidator, we take our fees from the assets of the company, unless there are no assets, in which case we will quote you a fixed price payable in advance.

If you call us, we can discuss the likely value of your company’s assets and, if need be, quote you a fixed fee.

Our pricing policy is that we provide the lowest cost liquidation service in the market. If you receive a cheaper quote then you’d best check if you are dealing with a Registered Liquidator. If not, be very careful. If so, let us know so we can beat the price.


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Liquidation Law can be a complex area and circumstances vary, so we recommend a telephone call for your initial consultation. We will then gladly meet you or just confirm our advice and quote in writing.

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