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When a company can’t pay it’s employees, there is a way the Government can step in to make sure they get their entitlements. They call it their “Fair Entitlements Guarantee” (FEG).

At Dissolve we have lots of experience administering FEG claims. Whether you are an employer, or employee, give us a call and we can talk you through the process.

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    The Fair Entitlement Guarantee scheme (FEG) is the legislative safety net for employees funded by the Australian Government, facilitated through the Attorney-General’s Department. It is designed to assist employees owed unpaid entitlements when their employer company enters liquidation or the company directors enter bankruptcy.

    Through FEG, an employee of a company that has entered liquidation may be able to claim:
    • unpaid wages—up to 13 weeks
    • unpaid annual leave and long service leave
    • payment in lieu of notice—up to five weeks
    • redundancy pay—up to four weeks per full year of service

    For anything else they are owed they become a priority creditor in the liquidation

    Priority Unsecured Creditor

    Employees of the company in liquidation enjoy priority over other unsecured creditors. This comes in to play with Superannuation which is not covered by the FEG like other entitlements are.

    How to claim

    To make a claim under FEG, you need to complete a claim form by paper or online.

    Online lodgement is the easy way to make a claim. Just register for FEG Online Services to complete and lodge your form. To register go to

    If you are unable to lodge an online claim form, you can submit a paper based form. Copies are available from the FEG website or by contacting the FEG Hotline (1300 135 040).

    Please note that you will need to provide documentary evidence of your residency or citizenship status with your FEG claim form to make an effective FEG claim.

    Dissolve, the FEG Experts

    Here at Dissolve, we have worked with the Government to verify dozens of FEG claims. We know all of the ins and outs and have guided many employees through the process.