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Our insolvency experts can help you assess whether liquidation is the right option for your company. If it is, our liquidation services are cost-effective and easy to appoint.

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    Why Contact Dissolve?

    Over The Last Decade, 10,000+ Companies Have Trusted Dissolve’s Expertise In Insolvency.

    At Dissolve, when you call us to discuss your business circumstances, our goal is to help you figure out what the “least drastic solution” is. In short, our advice is genuine.

    In about 50% of the calls we receive from companies struggling with insolvency, we are able to recommend a path forward for the director that does not involve liquidation.

    And if you do decide that liquidation is the right choice, we are the most cost-effective and efficient option in the market.

    Initial consultation options include:

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    In-person, over the phone or video call
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    Appointments ranging from 5 minutes to 1 hour
    —as little or as long as you like
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    In this stressful time, it can be difficult knowing what to do next—and it’s important to act quickly if your company might be insolvent. This is where a registered liquidator can help you understand your company’s options.

    Our Solutions

    Are you facing any of these challenges?

    If your company is insolvent or near-insolvent, you may be facing some of these challenges. Our team is familiar with all of them and how to address them.


    Insolvent Trading

    Incurring new debts while the company is insolvent can result in personal liability. This is a significant concern for directors. Chat with our team for advice tailored to your unique circumstances.

    icon tax

    Tax Debt

    The ATO is the largest creditor for most businesses. While they can be lenient and tend to be open to payment arrangements, they also have special legal powers that can make you personally liable for tax debts.


    Director Penalty Notice

    A Director Penalty Notice can make you personally liable for several kinds of tax debt. If you’ve received one it’s important to act quickly to avoid personal liability.
    icon cashflow

    Cashflow Problems

    If your business is facing significant cashflow/revenue problems and is likely to become insolvent, we can help you assess the situation.
    icon statury demand

    Statutory Demand

    If a creditor has issued you a statutory demand for debts owed then contact us quickly – a statutory demand means a creditor is on the path to putting your company into liquidation.

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    PAYG/Superannuation Debt

    If you’re struggling to meet payroll there are mechanisms in place that can protect your employees in the event of a liquidation.

    Our Services

    Our primary service is to assist directors in assessing whether company liquidation is the right choice, and if it is, we can liquidate them cost-effectively and efficiently.

    Simplified Liquidation

    Introduced in January 2021 during the COVID period, a Simplified Liquidation is generally cheaper and simpler to execute while having some prerequisites.

    Creditor’s Voluntary Liquidation

    Used to liquidate an insolvent company, a Creditor’s Voluntary liquidation is the most common type of liquidation.

    Member’s Voluntary Liquidation

    Used to liquidate a solvent company as an alternative form of winding up its affairs. Member’s Voluntary Liquidation has advantages over deregistration for example certain tax benefits or to avoid the company being reinstated.

    Court Liquidation

    A formal appointment of a liquidator by order of a judge, usually as a result of legal actions being taken by creditors.

    Are you considering a company restructuring instead? We’re still the right people to talk with and we have a company restructuring sister organisation as well.

    How much does it cost?

    One of the first questions we get asked is how much a company liquidation will cost. The answer – it depends! – There are various factors that can influence the cost of a liquidation but in general the cost is around $5,000.

    Dissolve is a small firm and as such offers more cost-effective solutions than larger firms.


    Our professional memberships

    Dissolve is a specialist insolvency firm. Our liquidators have been appointed to over a thousand companies in the last 10 years.

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    Chartered Accountants Australia & New Zealand

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    Association of Independent
    Insolvency Practitioners

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    Turnaround Management

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    Stories from our customers


    Haydn Dare
    3 years ago

    I recently referred a client to Dissolve Company Liquidators. Dissolve helped my client work his way through a very difficult period. I was very impressed with the professional and prompt assistance that Dissolve was able to provide to my client. Highly recommended.

    Posted on Google
    Philip Armstrong
    3 years ago

    A have referred a number of matters to Cliff and his team over the years and I have always been very impressed with their quality and professionalism. I wouldn’t hesitate to work with them again.

    Posted on Google
    Grant Leddie
    3 years ago

    Cliff and John from Dissolve are Chartered Accountants and provide great Corporate Recovery and Insolvency advice. They both worked with one of the big 4 accounting firms. I worked with them on a project in 2019 and their advice was practical and helpful.

    Posted on Google

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