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Our experienced liquidators can help you liquidate your company fast at a low price.

We give free confidential advice to all business owners – small, medium or large. Let us relieve your financial stress.

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    Why Choose Us?

    Expert advice from experienced liquidators

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    Over 10 years experience

    We have been the best provider of low cost liquidations for over 10 years. No other firm has been offering low cost liquidations for as long as we have. We have the experience to do the job right and do it fast.

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    Low Overheads

    Dissolve is small and efficient. This means we can provide a liquidation process faster and cheaper than big firms.

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    Registered Liquidators In-House

    Get direct confidential advice from the liquidators who will conduct the liquidation process.

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    Part of the Insolvency Solutions Group

    Being part of an all-in-one insolvency group means that we can provide the best advice if liquidation is not the right fit.

    Why liquidate your Company?

    Liquidation is the right choice if your company:

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    Is small (Voluntary Administration is too expensive to save a small company)

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    Has run out of cash to pay creditors and the ATO

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    Is trading at a loss, can’t recover from past losses or has ceased to trade

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    Has no assets, or a small amount of assets


    It’s also a good option for a director personally because a liquidation:

    • May prevent you from becoming personally liable for the company’s tax debt
    • Brings to a close the stress and worry of trying to save the business
    • Stops creditors hassling you
    • Gives you the opportunity to move on with life
    personal liability
    Corporation Act


    Liquidation is a simple process under the Corporation Act

    The law provides a simple process to appoint a liquidator, which is Creditors’ Voluntary Liquidation (“CVL”). It is a simple process that avoids the involvement of lawyers and the courts.

    It starts with the directors selecting a liquidator and the shareholders signing a simple resolution to appoint a liquidator.

    Dissolve Provides Free Advice

    How does Dissolve provide the advice

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    At Dissolve, we focus on providing a fast, easy and cheap company liquidation service. We provide free advice on the process and implications of liquidation.
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    When you are ready, we email you an Appointment Pack that contains the simple documents and instructions to start the liquidation.
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    You are directly appointing a registered liquidator and not an unregistered middle man.

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    How To

    Easy to appoint

    At Dissolve we are at the forefront of using technology to make the process of appointing a liquidator simple and quick. Call or email us with company details including the company name and A.C.N. – during that call we will quote you our fixed price (sometimes there is no upfront fee) and then:

    Give us a call

    Get your 30 minutes free
    confidential advice.
    It’s obligation-free.

    Receive an email

    We’ll send you an appointment pack
    that includes everything you need
    to put your company into liquidation.

    Send back the documents

    With proof of payment via email.
    We usually need all directors
    and shareholders to sign.

    That’s it!


    Can it be more complicated than outlined above?

    Yes it can. The most common impediment is when all directors cannot agree to appoint, or if all shareholders cannot be located to sign the documents. If that is likely to be the case, just tell us and we can usually draft alternative resolutions to solve the problem.

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