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Fees – What will it cost?

At Dissolve, we aim to provide directors with a LOW COST company liquidation service.

Typically, if you call us for telephone advice, our staff will spend anywhere from 5 min to over an hour explaining your options, the process of a liquidation, and will help you determine whether or not you need a liquidation at all. If it is necessary for you to appoint a liquidator the costs payable by you will vary.

More information follows, but here’s our Liquidator Cliff Sanderson discussing the topic

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Here are some guidelines on the cost of a liquidation:

  • CREDITORS VOLUNTARY LIQUIDATION (So for insolvent companies)

    Often an insolvent company has no assets and has ceased to trade. In those cases we use our No Asset Liquidation Package. Please call us to obtain a quote as the price can vary up and down depending on the number and value of creditors, when the company ceased to trade and the nature of the business.

  • MEMBERS VOLUNTARY LIQUIDATION (So for solvent companies)

    A Members Voluntary Liquidation is only for solvent companies. The cost varies according to a number of factors, particularly the size and complexity of the tax issues, the programme of asset realisation and the nature of the assets. Where a group of companies is involved, considerable efficiencies are possible and a low fee per company can be achieved.


    You may qualify for our Small Company Liquidation Package. If the assets of the company are material then those assets pay for the liquidation. Call us and we can discuss the value of the assets.

TRAP – If you obtain a quote cheaper than Dissolve:

  • Review our section on Check a Liquidator’s Credentials, as you may not be dealing with a reputable party.
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