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Looking for information on Members’ Voluntary Liquidation ?

A Members’ Voluntary Liquidation is a process detailed in the Corporations Act 2001 which allows a solvent company’s affairs to be wound-up.

A liquidator is appointed to sell the assets of the company, to pay all creditors and then distribute any surplus assets to the shareholders. In practice, we usually recommend that the affairs of a company be wound down by the directors prior to liquidation so as to save on liquidator’s fees.

At Dissolve we are experts in providing fast, efficient and low cost liquidations. Before liquidating your company you should CALL US to obtain FREE ADVICE and a FREE QUOTE for the liquidation of your company.

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Fees – Liquidator’s Remuneration

The cost of a Members’ Voluntary Liquidation varies according to a number of factors, particularly the size and complexity of the tax issues, the programme of asset realisation and the nature of the assets.
At Dissolve, by focusing on a single, highly specialised service area, we are able to bring to bear our experience and professional judgement in a systematised way and provide a streamlined and timely service. Because of our focus, we are able to provide our service at a fee often half that of other service providers. Where a group of companies is involved, considerable efficiencies are possible and a low fee per company can be achieved.

We like to quote on each job specifically, but as policy our fee for a Members Voluntary Liquidation will be half of any quote you obtain from a Big4 Accounting firm. Why not CALL US NOW for CONFIDENTIAL, FREE ADVICE .

The Quicker, Cheaper Alternative – Voluntary Deregistration

Voluntary Deregistration is a quicker and cheaper way to wind up a solvent company. It is done via a simple application to ASIC at a small fee (currently $36). However, this approach is not appropriate for all companies. Have a read of our page Voluntary Deregistration for more information.

The professionals at Dissolve can help. We are fully qualified Registered Liquidators with a wealth of experience. Our professionals will lead you through the company liquidation process to quickly release you from the workload and costs.

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