What is Liquidation

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“I’ve already shut the business down and now I’m getting hassled by creditors and the tax man. How do I get away from all this?”

“What if there was a way we could quickly close the company and get rid of the worry and costs?”

Creditors Voluntary Liquidation

At Dissolve we are dedicated to providing directors with a simple, low cost, company liquidation service. A Creditors Voluntary Liquidation (CVL) is the winding-up of a company by Special Resolution of the shareholders when it is insolvent. The majority of people who call us have insolvent companies (but aren’t always aware of it – try our simple online test Is My Company Insolvent if you are unsure) and are looking for someone to wind them up quickly and cost effectively.


If a Creditors Voluntary Liquidation is the right solution for your company then you’ll be pleased to know it is quick, simple and inexpensive. One of our experts can start the Creditors Voluntary Liquidation process for you and have the company in liquidation today. If you are interested in the specifics we have a lot more information – check out the Quicklinks at the top right of this page and you can review details of the process, timeline and cost. Click here for the full guide.

We want to minimise the hassle and cost to a director of placing their company into liquidation so we offer three speciality liquidation options:

  • No Asset Liquidation Package – if your company has no assets and has ceased to trade and you must liquidate then we provide a LOW COST, FIXED FEE option for directors
  • Small Company Liquidation Package – if your company has some assets then you can liquidate the company at NO COST TO THE DIRECTORS
  • Fixed Price Liquidation Package – if your company has substantial assets and you want to ensure control over the costs of the liquidation then we can provide a fixed fee to cover the standard liquidation duties. The professionals at Dissolve can help. We are fully qualified Registered Liquidators with a wealth of experience. Our professionals will lead you through the company liquidation process to quickly release you from the stress, worry and costs. CALL US NOW and discuss the problem with one of our advisors.


If you would like to learn more about Liquidation, please access our full Liquidation guide created by Dissolve’s specialists explaining this in detail.

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