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Here you will find the most comprehensive analysis of restructuring and insolvency statistics in Australia. The numbers paint a bleak picture. Our main concern is the alarmingly low success rate in restructuring companies – only 1 in 25 survive insolvency.Here is a snapshot of the most relevant statistics:

  • The number of companies entering some form of insolvency administration in the year to September 2015 was 9,668. The number per month was 1,091 which was a 37% increase over the previous September, and a 24% increase over the average of the previous five Septembers.
  • The percentage of companies successfully restructuring is very low and trending lower. Only 4.1% of companies entering some sort of insolvency administration successfully restructured in the year to September, roughly a success rate of 1 in 25. This compares to a high of 14% in 1999.
  • Banks had $819 billion of outstanding loans to companies as at June 2015 compared to $646 billion five years prior, being a 27% increase.
  • As at December 2013, Australian households were indebted at 149% of their disposable income compared to 103% in 2001.
  • As at September 2015, Credit Card debt was $50.8 billion compared to $16.8 billion in 2001 (RBA).

Until we analysed the insolvency statistics no one appreciated that the success rate in restructuring insolvent companies was so low.

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