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Why choose Dissolve?

We appreciate that most Public Accountants already have a close relationship with at least one insolvency practitioner.  We believe that in certain specific situations Dissolve can offer your clients an efficient service at a significantly cheaper price.

We believe that many insolvency firms:

  • have been practicing for years and they are set in a habit of charging hourly rates which are materially higher than Public Accounting firms of a similar size;
  • have a basic strategy of aiming to be appointed to medium to large scale insolvencies;
  • inevitably have developed an overhead structure large enough to accommodate larger insolvency assignments; and
  • therefore, have had little appetite to provide a low cost liquidation service for small companies.


At Dissolve we are different – we:

  • Do not lunch with prospective work providers;
  • Do not provide seminars, wine nights, pens or footy tipping competitions;
  • Do not have lavish offices (we sublet in a “B” class building);
  • Do not seek large insolvency appointments;

This allows us to keep overheads to a minimum and focus on keeping our fees consistently low while providing a liquidation service to small and medium size companies.
In the famous words of marketers past, we will not be beaten on quality or price!

In particular you should examine our No Asset Liquidation Package and our Small Company Liquidation Package. Our CEO Cliff Sanderson regularly updates his blog commenting on issues relevant to accountants and tax agents. We also have put together some information on upcoming changes to taxation legislation that may affect your clients on this page.

But please just call us for a quote on the next liquidation for one of your clients and we can show you how low our fee is – often half to a third the price of some insolvency practitioners.   Simply call our Registered Liquidator, Cliff Sanderson, on the number above and he will discuss with you:

  • the current financial position of the company;
  • the transactions you should process to minimise the cost of liquidation;
  • our fee; and
  • how to easily commence the liquidation process.

If you’d like to make an enquiry fill in the form below.

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