Consent to Act as Official Liquidator

An Official Liquidation is an appointment made by a Court. In most cases an Official Liquidation is sought by a creditor of the company. The process will usually have been as follows:

  • A creditor will have served a Statutory Demand on the company to pay a debt pursuant to section 459E of the Corporations Act
  • Failure to pay the money demanded in the Statutory Demand means there is an “assumption at law” that the company is insolvent;
  • An application will then have been made to the Court to have the company wound up.

That process can take several months.

The creditor will usually have used a Lawyer in the above process and that lawyer, prior to the Application to Court will have requested a Consent to Act from an Official Liquidator.

Dissolve has a registered Official Liquidator, being Clifford Sanderson. He has been an Official Liquidator since 1997 and conducted hundreds of liquidations.

If you need a Consent to Act please have your lawyer contact us . Our policy is that we seek no up-front fee to act as Official Liquidator.

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