Fixed price CVL

Are you concerned that all of the company’s assets will go in liquidator’s fees?

At Dissolve, we aim to provide a low cost low hassle company liquidation service. We sometimes speak to directors that are concerned about a liquidator’s fees using up all of the assets of the company so that priority creditors and other creditors receive no distribution form the liquidator.

At Dissolve, we are happy to provide a fixed quote to cover the standard aspects of a company liquidation.

Download our Fixed Price Liquidation Package here.

What we need to do is establish:

  • What assets the company has and where they are located;
  • The number of creditors;
  • Any issues likely to complicate the liquidation.

If we can establish these things then we will provide a fixed quote for the liquidation. That fixed fee will apply as long as the situation is as explained to us. Any unexpected matters that arise will be charged for separately and, as with the fixed fee, is always subject to the approval of creditors.

So if you are in this situation why not CALL US NOW and we can discuss the specific situation of your company and see if we can agree a specific fixed fee.